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SKWZD Disposable Vape Pen


Brand Skwezed

Introducing the Skwezed Disposable E-Cig! A vape pen designed to buy, vape, toss, and repeat! With a 280mAh battery, 5% nicotine strength, approximately 3000 per stick, and features a 1.3mL of e-juice within the internal reservoir.

With SKWZD’s Strawtermelon, you’re in for an undeniable explosion of flavor. Enjoy both fruits without the hassle of seeds and dealing with any clean up. The deliciously refreshing taste of watermelon added to the juicy flavor of strawberry creates an e-juice that’s every strawberry and watermelon lover’s dream. Delivering just the right amount of sweetness, SKWZD’s Strawtermelon is the ideal e-juice for users craving a fruity-flavored adventure.

Get ready for Litty Dragon to elevate your vaping experience. The sweet taste of lychee combined with the recognizable flavor of dragon fruit gives users a uniquely tropical e-juice. Litty Dragon has a taste unlike any other e-juice, making it a must have for all users. Grab SKWZD’s Litty Dragon e-juice and enjoy a fresh take on your vaping experience.

Replicating the taste of ripe purple grapes fresh from the vine, SKWZD’s Purple Ape is your go to e-juice for all grape lovers. Each inhale brings the sweet aroma of purple grapes and each exhale leaves you happier than before. With the right mix of sweetness from ripe purple grapes and a hint of sour to perfectly balance it all out, SKWZD’s Purple Ape is a great way to enhance your day. Treat yourself with this flavorsome e-juice.

Create your own luck with you when you use SKWZD’s Rainbow Drip e-juice. Although you’ll feel like you found this flavor at the end of a rainbow, this e-juice is the embodiment of what a rainbow tastes like. Made up of varying fruity flavored candies, you can’t go wrong with this mouthwatering e-juice. Rainbow Drip by SKWZD is the best choice for all candy lovers.

One thing better than bananas is icy bananas. Banana Blast by SKWZD is an iced banana e-juice, made for users who want to experience a tropical taste with an added chill. This e-juice captures the savory taste bananas are known for, while also adding an iced effect to give users a cool inhale and exhale. Indulge your senses by giving them an intriguing, unforgettable fruity experience with Banana Blast by SKWZD.

Grape Chills by SKWZD is an iced black grape e-juice. Minimal sour notes, sweet grape taste, and an icy chill, this e-juice takes the best grape flavor and adds an icy twist to it. This e-juice gives its users an initially wickedly icy flavor on the inhale and then replenishes on the exhale. Keep cool with SKWZD’s Grape Chills. 

Picture sunny Summer days with your favorite frozen treat in your hand….  Well, SKWZD took that treat and made it into a delectable e-juice. Tang Bang is a combination of ripe oranges and vanilla cream. On each inhale, you’ll taste the citrus and then with each exhale, you’ll taste the creamy vanilla; the ultimate duo for users who like their e-juices on the sweeter side. Keep a piece of summer going year round with SKWZD’s Tang Bang. 

What would you get if you combined  red, ripe strawberries and tangy kiwis? That’s exactly what SKWZD did. The result is an ultimate combination of sweet and tangy. Each fruit brings its identifiable flavor, making the taste familiar, yet refreshing at the same time. This pair is exactly what you need to replenish your senses and. Kiberry by SKWZD is a remnant taste of summer you can have whenever you want, no matter the season. 

SKWZD has a ‘berry’ great option for all blueberry lovers! Berry Blue is a must have if you like the combination of sweet and a hint of tart that blueberries offer. Our e-juice doesn’t have any other added flavors and the only thing you’ll taste is pure, authentic blueberry goodness. SKWZD’s Berry Blue gives you a crisp, honest blueberry taste from beginning to end.

Stay just as cool as the winter this season with SKWZD’s Icy Fresh e-juice. Effectively capturing the cool and fresh feeling of mint, this e-juice gives users that chilling effect. This e-juice is smooth that leaves you with a minty fresh taste on the exhale. If you’re looking for a flavor that’s exactly as it sounds, SKWZD’s Icy Fresh e-juice is the best option for you.