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Superb E-Liquid Nicotine Salt E-Juice - 30ml - Nectarberry


Superb E-Liquid's Nectarberry is a transition of their original freebase nicotine salt e-juice over to nicotine salt form.  If you have never tasted Nectarberry before, it is a combination of ripe peaches, lush strawberries and ripe nectarines fused together with a hint of yogurt.  Super E-Liquid's Nectarberry will hit every angle of your vape buds: fruits, desserts and candies.

Available nicotine strength: 36mg or 50mg

Available size: 30ml

Manufacturer: Superb E-Liquid

This juice was specifically created for low-output atomizers/devices. We recommend that you fill this juice in any of devices found in our refillable systems section.

DO NOT use in high output devices.