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TRPCL 100 Nicotine Salt - 30ml - Aloha Gummy


Brand Prophet

Gummy candies, especially tropic-paired ones have always been our lovely childhood sweets. As we grow up, we want to recall those sweet memories, which left colorful ethereal adoration in our minds.

Don’t be shy to admit that you also have those candy-inspired cravings to satisfy your nicotine thirst. Fire up your taste buds with this revitalizing blend of pineapple and lime. Inhale makes you feel the deep touch of sweetness with satisfaction. While each exhale delivers that limy candy taste that you absolutely in love with.

This juice was specifically created for low-output atomizers/devices. We recommend that you fill this juice in any of devices found in our refillable systems section.

DO NOT use in high output devices.


  • 30ml bottle

Nic Salt Strengths:

  • 25mg (2.5%), 50mg (5.0%)


  • Prophet