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TRPCL 100 Nicotine Salt - 30ml - Orange Pineapple (Fruit Punch)


Brand Prophet

Tropical blast paired with strawberries hits the spot with the right amount of dose. Sounds attractive. So, let’s get into a session for more clearance.

When you inhale this fruity punch composed of perfectly blended trio of strawberry, orange and pineapple flavors, refreshes you from toes to head. Feels like sweet-sour-tart notes balancing each other in the whole vaping session play a game around your taste buds, making them jump up of real happiness, as you get relaxed.

This juice was specifically created for low-output atomizers/devices. We recommend that you fill this juice in any of devices found in our refillable systems section.

DO NOT use in high output devices.


  • 30ml bottle

Nic Salt Strengths:

  • 25mg (2.5%), 50mg (5.0%)


  • Prophet